Hi im Ryan and im super dumb oops //
i make tons of fanmixes and write a lil i guess //
im a part of p much every fandom but roosterteeth is where my heart lies //
(( i take fanmix requests especially for rt ships!! ))
what the heckie

i would give my life to be human: long overdue yuki/haru fanmix about an alien fish in love

listen // cover credit

(companion to this mix)

1. Human - Ellie Goulding

i hope i get the chance to be someone, to be human

2. Sooner or Later - Mat Kearney

trying to swim but you’re sinking like a stone, alone

3. Goodbye, Apathy - OneRepublic

i could be happy here, as long as you’re near to me, as long as you’re close to me

4. Strawberry Swing - Coldplay

now the sky could be blue, i don’t mind—without you it’s a waste of time

5. Every Other Way (feat. Jes) - BT

i wish i could run, to you when you need me; you know i can’t be far, for long, for long

6. Sort Of - Ingrid Michaelson

and if i was stronger, then i would up and go, but here i am, and here we go again

7. Princess - no.9


8. Anywhere But Here - Safetysuit

i know that it’s true, that i’d rather be anywhere but here without you

9. When Can I See You Again? - Owl City

but before i go and hit the road, i gotta know, ‘til then, when can i see you again?

10. If It Means A Lot To You - A Day To Remember

and don’t you dare say we can just be friends

11. Rescued - Jack’s Mannequin

oh, say you’ll miss me one last time

12. Here I Am - Bryan Adams

it’s a new world, it’s a new start…i’ve been waiting for you, here i am

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